Junior Puma Championships

This year we have started our Junior Puma Championship. This is a series of races, where the juniors compete to try and win their age group.

Age groups will be as follows:

  • Under 9 boys
  • Under 9 girls
  • Under 11 boys
  • Under 11 girls
  • Under 13 boys
  • Under 13 girls
  • Under 15 boys
  • Under 15 girls

Age categories are determined by your childs age on the 31 December 2018.

For example, if your child will be 10 on the 31 December this year, they’ll be in the under 11’s.

If your child will be 13 on the 31 December this year, they’ll be in the under 15’s.

If you’re not quite sure how it works, don’t worry as we’ll work out the age groups for all our runners.

The championship is made up of 10 races:

  • Brighouse Junior Parkrun – Sunday 4 February
  • Halifax Parkrun – Saturday 31 March
  • Brighouse Junior Parkrun – Sunday 13 May
  • Northowram Burner – Sunday 10 June (TBC)
  • Aldermans Ascent (Saddleworth Rangers) – Thursday 5 July
  • Mad Monks Race (Kirkstall Harriers) – Sunday 23 September
  • Brighouse Parkrun – Sunday 14 October
  • Saltaire Junior Parkrun – Sunday 28 October
  • Junior Abbey Dash – Sunday 4 November
  • Huddersfield Junior Parkrun – Sunday 25 November

Points are allocated based on finishing positions – the higher you finish the more points you get.

For example, first finisher would get 20 points, second would get 19, third would get 18 and so on. This would be done for each age category.

The results will be worked out based on the best 6 scores. So, a junior would need to race a minimum of 6 races to be in with a chance of winning their age category.

Junior Results

Results after Junior Abbey Dash (4 November 2018)

Under 9 results

Under 11 results

Under 13 results

Under 15 results