Run Leaders

Every week our run leaders will plan a route and guide and encourage you round this route.  But to cover holidays or additional groups we’re always looking for volunteers from within the club. If you’re interested in leading one of the groups you can contact Andy, Ally or Carla.

Find out a bit more about our run leaders at the club:

Andy Haslam

Andy - Run leader

I decided to start running in my early 30’s, when, at the end of a night out in Leeds I couldn’t make it up the steps at the train station. I was out of breath climbing a few steps and decided I need to change something.

I started running not long after, initially just a couple of miles and eventually working up to a 10k race. Several years later, many miles covered, 30+ Half Marathons completed and 4 full marathons, running is a way of life for me.

Probably my proudest running achievement is running 12 half marathons in 12 months for charity in 2011. Here’s a highlight from one of them…

Wendy Hewitt

Wendy - Run LeaderWendy is relatively new to the world of running. Her journey started in July 2014 when after having 3 children and reaching her mid thirties she decided that it was a good time to start getting some regular exercise. She started by getting up early twice a week before the school run and doing laps around the block for initially 10 minutes, progressing to 20 minutes after a few weeks. Then in October 2014 the mornings became dark and she made the sensible decision to find some running companions, that is when she contacted Northowram Running Group and joined them for her first very scary but enjoyable group run.

Wendy’s determination and excellent attendance record at the Club has helped her to progress to be able to regularly run 5 miles and she has now completed numerous 10k races.

In September 2015 when Northowram Running Group was affiliated to Northowram Pumas Running Club, Wendy joined the committee and has been busy beavering away behind the scenes to make sure the club runs smoothly.

Luke Cranfield


Running for me started in 2011. I had decided I needed to lose some weight so actually started to visit a local gym that I had joined a few years earlier but rarely visited. After plenty of indoor running I decided to venture outdoors and have tried to avoid the treadmill ever since.

Since then I have taken part in a number of races and I have managed to get some decent times in some of these races, mostly local but a few bigger name events such as the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 2013 (my time was 1:24:21) and Yorkshire Marathon in 2015 (I crossed the finish line in 3:23:57). In the Bolton Brow Burner in 2014 I even managed to break into the top 10 (7th) against a field of almost 200 competitors.

I now try to rack up a decent number of miles each week and spend a lot of time mapping new routes to keep the runs interesting and varied.

Recently I have taken a shine to off-road running and will hopefully be able to incorporate a lot more of this in the coming months.

Neil Coupe

Neil Coupe

I would never put myself down as someone who would step up to the next level from been a social runner to a run leader.

But then I joined Northowram Pumas and over the last few years that I’ve been running with them, I’ve seen the people around me on their own personal journey. Whether this was to improve their fitness, lose weight or just to become a better runner.

When I started running with Pumas my own personal journey was to gain confidence and lose weight, I feel that even though my personal journey hasn’t ended but it’s nearing its destination. I now get the same buzz of seeing others around me on their journeys and hope I can help them to achieve their personal aim