Club Championship

The club championship

The championship is a series of events of different distance and terrain designed to test and challenge you, while competing with your fellow Pumas and representing the club.

This year we have made the decision to break the championship into 3 different League based on speed.

League 1 will be for  8G & 9G runners

League 2 will be for 10G & 11G runners

League 3 will be for 13G & Couch to 5K runners


You can read up on all the finer details on our rules page.

2019/20 Championship races

We’ve hand picked a number of different races to include in the championship, these vary in distance and terrain

All the dates and distances for the races are included in the table below:-

Date League 1 (8G&9G) League 2 (10G&11G) League 3 (13G&C25K) Website
7th Apr Overgate 10K Overgate 5K or 10K Overgate 5K
20th Apr Oakwell Parkrun
8th May Cannon Hall Dash 10 mile Cannon Hall Dash 5 mile Cannon Hall Dash 5 mile
26th May Liverpool Half Marathon
2nd Jun Northowrun 5
15th Jun Lister Park Parkrun
3rd Jul Helen Windsor 10K
20th July Sir Titus Summer Trot 10K Sir Titus Summer Trot 10K Sir Titus Summer Trot 5K
7th Aug Dewsbury Flat Cap
15th Sept Stainland Trail Book here
29th Sept Littleborough 10K
7th Oct Track 5K at Spring Hall
27th Oct Leeds Abbey Dash leeds-abbey-dash
tdc Feb Dewsbury 10K
tdc Mar Shamrock Shuffle 10k Shamrock Shuffle 5k Shamrock Shuffle 5k Shamrock Shuffle


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Andy Haslam or any of the committee.