Championship Rules

Pumas Club Championship

A quick guide to our championship rules and regulations!

Points mean prizes…

Points are awarded depending on finishing places, so 60 for first place, 59 for second, 58 for third and so on.

In the event that more than 60 Pumas enter the race, 1 point will be awarded to all of those finishing 60th or lower.

Different competitions

There will be three competitions with male and female prizes for each:

  • Club Grand Prix – Pumas need to enter 6 races to qualify. The Puma achieving the highest average score wins the competition. If members enter more than 6 events, it is the best 6 scores that count. In the event of a tie, the Puma with the most outright wins will be the winner.
  • Club Championship – the Puma accumulating the most points in the season wins. This competition is designed to reward Pumas who are representing the club on a regular basis. The more races you enter, the better chance of winning.
  • Helen Silson Memorial Trophy (Most Improved Runner) – the Puma achieving the best improvement in their 10K times during a season. The slowest 10K does not need to be a Championship race but the ‘most improved’ must be.

For the championship and grand prix competitions race times will be WAVA adjusted – which means that times are adjusted depending on age, so levelling the playing field. Here’s a quick example of how WAVA will adjust the points you receive.

The Championship is about getting out and representing the club, whilst competing against yourself and your club mates.

Races and other facts

We have chosen mainly local races, some of which have proved popular with Pumas already. There is a mix of road and trail, so something for everyone to have a go at.

We have chosen a spread of races throughout the year, so new Pumas joining mid-year still have the opportunity to accumulate points.

As ever, the committee is open to feedback regarding the format, and we reserve the right to alter the rules at the end of each season. Once the season has started the rules and scoring system will not be changed.

You must be a fully paid up member of Northowram Pumas Running Club at the time of the race to be part of the Championship.