Keswick Mountain Festival

Keswick Mountain Festival 2019

This is Big Brother.

Welcome to the Lake District, your home for the next 3 days. We believe it’s the perfect setting for a weekend of Running. For those of you into Cycling and Swimming, that’s available too. Big Brother has organised an evening of entertainment at the festival, stunning scenery in an unrivalled setting and a host of great house mates. Big Brother hopes you enjoy your stay.


What follows are the the Diary Room accounts of the weekends adventures by the people that lived them.




Diary Entry 1 – Andy Barnes


“Yo Big Brother. I was supposed to be doing the Sprint Triathlon first thing on Saturday morning. Except, this became a Sprint Cycle Sprint. There was to be no swimming as they found some sort of Green/Blue Algae in the Lake! I’m very disappointed. I’ve let the ladies down as they didn’t get to see me in my swimming attire!”


Big Brother didn’t get to see Andy on his bike either, with an irreparable puncture to his rear tyre meaning a transfer to the 25k. Andy finished in 133rd with a time of 2:46:53.




Diary Entry 2 – Rebecca Stanley


“Hi Big Brother. Just to let you know, I forgot the Desserts for dinner. I had one job! I’m not sure the house mates were that impressed. I did Keswick Parkrun on Saturday morning with Andy and then climbed up a mountain on Sunday afternoon with Claire and Andrew. Oh and the festival was brilliant. Glitter was a bit expensive though!”


Big Brother hasn’t forgotten about the desserts Rebecca.






Diary Entry 3 – Jude Roberts


“Good morning Big Brother. I did the 25k on Saturday. Myself and Andy actually ran the whole way together. I may have left him at the end though. First Puma home and all that! On Sunday we both ran up a Mountain. It was a bit chilly at the top. By the way, do you know what ABBA and Jeep stand for?”


Big Brother hasn’t forgotten any of Jude’s Acronyms. These are now the thing of legend amongst this year’s house mates. He finished his 25k in 125th position with a time of 2:45:43.


Diary Entry 4 – Andrew Mellor


“Hello Big Brother. The 25k was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! We set off, all smiles and were even at the front on the start line. The Captain would be proud! Two words to describe the route? Incredibly Tough! We all had to concentrate on our footing, watching those ankles and some of those descents were treacherous. Awesome oranges at the last checkpoint saved me. Loved every minute of the weekend!”


Big Brother has not forgotten Andrew’s fan boy moment meeting a YouTube star. He finished his 25k in 238th position with a time of 3:03:58.



Diary Entry 5 – Claire Ramsbottom


“Hi Big Brother! I did the 25k and feel like a proper runner now! No denying it was super challenging. I ran most of it and even made friends along the way which kept me going near the end. I saved our house mates on Saturday night by jumping into the road for a taxi to take us back to the house. Such a fab weekend. My face hurts from laughing!”


Big Brother hasn’t forgotten the amount of glitter in the Dining room. Claire finished her 25k in 360th position with a time of 3:27:18.




Diary Entry 6 – Peter Reason


“Hello Big Brother. The 25k was definitely hard on the legs. It was some of the most scenic yet challenging running I’ve ever done. It was a really tough race but I do fancy some cycling next time so may try a Sportive. Hats off to everyone who prepared the curry for Friday and pasta for Saturday.”


Big Brother is not sure if Peter got out of his hiding place behind the bedroom door. He finished his 25k in 422nd position with a time of 3:45:25.




Diary Entry 7 – Sharon Reason


“Hi there Big Brother. I ran the 10k on Sunday morning with Rob. We had a little boat trip across the lake to reach our starting point. It was a lovely route but at less than a mile in, Rob took a dive down the banking towards the lake. He’s just clumsy! Not sure how he expected me to pull him back up onto the path? I was actually tempted to leave him until two guys helped out. But we finished together and I’ve had a brilliant weekend.”


Big Brother would like to thank Sharon for driving people around Keswick all weekend. Sharon finished her 10k in 441st position with a time of 1:43:17.




Diary Entry 8 – Rob Bowman


“Aye up Big Brother. I’ve had a smashing weekend. I ran my first ever official 10k with Sharon. I suspect she tripped me up. In truth, I may have just fallen over a tree stump. But there was blood everywhere and grit in my arm. Thank you to the marshals for putting a plaster on my finger! Loved every minute and the support from the house mates was fantastic. Team Puma! Best thing I’ve been a part of in ages!”


Big Brother has looked into Robs tumble and found no foul play. He finished his first ever official 10k in 440th position with a time of 1:43:16.




Diary Entry 9 – Julie Bowman


“Hi Big Brother. It’s hard going to a festival and behaving yourself the night before an Ultra Marathon. I got up around 04:30 as our race was setting off at 06:00. Good job the other house mates were quiet when they stumbled in. They had been warned! The actual race was brutal. I fell at least once. 50k on that type of terrain is hard. Can’t believe Rob forgot my Fanta for the finish. Livid! Someone pass me the Epsom Salts!”




Big Brother is still afraid of being late for dinner after Julie shouted to the girls upstairs. Julie finished her 50k in 66th position with a time of 6:42:10, the 2nd female in her age group.



Diary Entry 10 – Tim Book


“Hello Big Brother. Is the WiFi working in here? Anyway, I did my 100th Parkrun on Saturday morning over at Whinlatter Forest, cycling over with Jane. Like Julie, I was on my best behaviour on Saturday ahead of the 50k. I even proper studied the route. It really was a difficult and tiring race, I had nothing left in the tank at the end. Fantastic weekend though!”


Big Brother would like to thank Tim for bringing entertaining music to the house. Tim finished his 50k in 21st position with a time of 5:47:41.



Diary Entry 11 – Jane Cole


“Alright Big Brother. Can I just say I’ve had a brilliant weekend. Disappointed not to be running but I’ve enjoyed 15 miles on the bike. We bought too many Pizza’s for Sunday but I’m blaming Claire for that. And where was dessert? Also, how good was Hide and Seek! Proper took my mind off Bob. Thanks to all the house mates for the funniest weekend ever. My cheeks and belly hurt from giggling all weekend!”


Big Brother recognises Jane for suggesting the house mates play Hide and Seek. Well done Jane.




Disclaimer: The diary records above may or may not bear any relation whatsoever to the events and individual views of the house mates over the Keswick Mountain Festival weekend. Rumours that Jude was evicted first for repeating stories and jokes are unsubstantiated.

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