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If you’re nervous about starting with a running club, don’t be.

NPRC (Northowram Pumas Running Club) is a really welcoming and inclusive club. We want to make sure that whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, fast or enjoy a more gentle pace, old or really young, that you enjoy running. Because we believe it’s the best thing ever!

But don’t just take our word for it, have a read of some of the feedback we’ve had from members, who at one time or another, were totally new as well!


I was back this evening after a week off, a day of eating nothing but rubbish and probably half a day of trying to talk myself out of going for a run….! Boy am I glad I came this evening. Had an amazing run thanks to Ian Marshall and more so Laura Fairbank who kept me going up front and who I found to be an amazing pacer. I ran with Laura for about half an hour and learnt so much in that short space of time. Thank you so much Laura, you was a star. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Northowram Pumas are the best 👍🏼


Our friendly Pumas
Some of our friendly Pumas

Considering I couldn’t run and breathe at the same time 12 weeks ago, I’m pretty chuffed to have run and almost enjoyed a stunning 10k today round Hollingworth Lake. Beautiful! Thanks Gabriella Kenny and Pumas Coaches for giving me the bug…..


I’m loving how much running is going on through the week now with Fridays fun runs, Thursdays step runs, Sundays marathon runs etc etc, all these are in addition to the normal Monday and Wednesday club runs (although I have only taken advantage of Monday’s so far ☺️) – It defo opens up the opportunity to get out more 👍🏼 I need to have a little chat with myself and get out there more and take advantage of being part of such a fab group and team of people 😊

A great place to make friends and get ongoing support
A great place to make friends and get ongoing support


Thank you to everyone who was in my group last night who helped me and motivated. Only my second week and was really tough.

Nice to see some of the guys joining Ian’s harem tonight

Well done to all the new recruits , the first hurdle is over and well done to everyone who got up Score hill without stops, for the first time. Great job !


Just want to say a massive thank you  for everyone at the club that has made me feel so welcome over the last two years, fair to say joining the club was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s not only improved my physical fitness but boosted my confidence massively allowing me to meet so many amazing people.

And then there's also the amazing social events we hold!
And then there’s also the amazing social events we hold!
We love a good opportunity to change out of lycra
We love a good opportunity to change out of lycra


What an amazing set up you have, everyone was great and the run was awesome! Loved the different terrains and views…WOW! 💛

So in January I had a mid life crisis at turning 30 and joined the local running club. As all of my friends will tell you, I don’t do running/exercise! I could barely run more than a mile without needing a breather. 10 months on I have done my first half marathon with the amazing/crazy Puma family with an official time of 1.57.44.
Huge thanks to Grace and Simon for being perfect pacers and a water stop dream team, the group leaders in particular Ally ‘I love hellish hills’ Canning and Ian ‘I cure my hangovers with a Sunday long run’ Marshall, for all their hard work in putting on the training sessions and to all the other Pumas for your friendly welcome, banter and support. Today I am so proud to be a Puma!  #proudtobeaPuma 
Pumas supporting each other at manchester half marathon
Pumas supporting each other at manchester half marathon
Pumas at the start line
Pumas at the start line