Name:  Elizabeth McDonnell.

Age: 41.

Occupation: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Nutrition.

No matter how far she’s run, Liz is always happy to smile for the cameras.

Group you frequently run with? 1 or 2

How did you get involved with the Pumas? I helped set Pumas up and was involved from the start!!!
One of the first four run leaders in September 2014.

I run because… (some people might have started to run in someone’s memory etc) It helps me stay healthy!! I’ve run since I was very young, my parents run!!

By joining the Pumas, what were/are you hoping to get out of it? (eg simply to keep fit, improve your running, run faster). It’s easier to run if you have company and you get to meet fabulous friends.

Liz shows off her medal for being second female home at the first Bolton Brow Burner, 2014.

Do you have any personal goals and running aims? Get faster!

Did you run before you joined the club, or is it totally new to you? Do you or did you do any other sports? I can’t remember ever not running. I’ve run since I was young and probably did my first run aged ten, I think ! I spent many a weekend with my parents going to different running events. When I was 22, I ran my first and only marathon – the London Marathon.

What’s your favourite part of being involved with the Pumas? Finding new places to run.

Have you got any favourite routes? I like to run around Norwood Green and Coley. I enjoy running off-road.

What do you find the biggest drag in running? Starting!

How do you feel you have benefited from joining the Pumas? It keeps you running in the winter months and you can enter more races.

Have you taken part in any organised events? (eg Overgate 10k, Leeds Half Marathon). Yes, loads.

If so, what was your most memorable run? I love the Calderdale Way Relay. I also loved the Oxenhope Straw Race, mainly because you get to drink loads of beer when you’ve finished it!

What most people don’t know about you is…I’m a nurse!

If you were stuck on a desert island what would your luxury item be? 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you were stuck on a desert island who would you like to be there with? My constant comanion Levi (the dog) who would always run around with me.

If you were stuck on a desert island name your three favourite songs (at least one should be your favourite song to run to)? My favourite song is ‘Over the Rainbow’ sung by Eva Cassidy, though it’s not one to run to. I’ll run to anything else that makes me run faster!