Name: Neil Coupe.

Age: 46.

Occupation: Managing Director.

Neil not in Lycra

Group you frequently run with? Run leader so any group.

How did you get involved with the Pumas? I was there in the early days when there were approximately 20 members. I got involved by searching the Internet at that time under local running clubs.

I run because… It makes me feel alive when a run is completed. I also run to socialise.

By joining the Pumas, what were/are you hoping to get out of it? I joined the Pumas to improve my fitness and lose some of my belly, but I mainly joined the Pumas for the social aspect as I’m originally from the other side of Bradford and all my friends live over there. I love to socialise and I think I’m pretty good at it but that’s my opinion, probably no one else’s.

Do you have any personal goals and running aims for 2017? I’ve already achieved my personal goal which was to run a sub 45 minute 10k, which I did in the Bradford 10k (this year) in 43:38 and I just want maintain my decent level of fitness.

Do you remember your first session? Yes, there were 5 runners in my group, 2 women and 3 guys, only 3 are still members.

Did you run before you joined the club, or is it totally new to you? Do you or did you do any other sports? I’m a Senior County football referee and I used to be more into cycling than running but I find that running is an aerobic exercise and for me nothing comes close.

What’s your favourite part of being involved with the Pumas? I love now that I’m leading groups and seeing people on their personal journeys. And, of course, the social side, as there’s always something going on.

Have you got any favourite routes? Anything on the road. I hate caveman running (off-roading) but my favourite is the route from the end of Green Lane to Brow Lane.

What do you find the biggest drag in running? The dark nights, wearing LED lights and the unpredictable English weather.

Neil in action

How do you feel you have benefitted from joining the Pumas? For me, the the social side has brought me so many new people into my life who I now consider friends as well as running buddies.

Have you taken part in any organised events? Several events, probably too many to mention, but my first ever event was cycling from London to Paris, which I have to say no other event has come close.

If so, what was your most memorable run? My best running event was the Leeds Half Marathon in 2016 in which I didn’t time myself and just enjoyed it, high-fiving several people en route.

What most people don’t know about you is… That I used to be quite introvert and shy and used to weigh 18 stone.

If you were stuck on a desert island what would your luxury item be? My iPhone, of course, so I could banter on the Pumas group.

If you were stuck on a desert island who would you like to be there with? Apart from the obvious family members I would like to spend time with David Jason (Del Boy) as I’d hope he would keep me entertained over and over again just like when I watch Open All Hours and Only Fools and Horses on TV over and over again.

If you were stuck on a desert island name your three favourite songs (at least one should be your favourite song to run to)? Celine Dion – ‘I’m Alive’, Take That – ‘Never Forget’, and Queen – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (fave running song).