We all know Pumas like a good party and our latest social event was no different…

When:  Saturday 10 September 2016

Where: Northowram Community Sports & Activity club

What: Awesome live music and expert BBQ-ing skills

The event was pulled together by our awesome social co-ordinator Wendy and her army of helpers. The night kicked off at 6pm (following a lot of planning and organising beforehand) and a steady stream of Pumas and music enthusiasts made their way to NCSAC to get the party started.

However, you did first have to get past the rigorous door staff…Nicola was taking no prisoners:

No stamp - you're not coming in
No stamp – you’re not coming in

The Music

There were two live acts playing during the evening, and they were fantastic.

First up was an acoustic performance by the very talented Tom Waterworth. He kept everyone entertained and got the party started with popular covers that sounded fantastic.

tom getting the party started
Tom getting the party started

Next up were the three piece band The Good Citizens. They brought a brilliantly unique sound and style to a variety of songs, ranging from Shaggy’s ‘It wasn’t me’ to Arctic Monkeys and everything in between.

The Good Citizens in action

The music from both acts was brilliant and got everyone in the party mood (possibly helped by a few alcoholic beverages along the way)…just take a look:

While the music played we had some dedicated chefs hard at work…


Our gourmet chefs started cooking up a treat as soon as we got underway at 6pm.

Andy took the firey BBQ reigns to start with, he departed to rest up before his early start for the GNR (great north run) and Mike took over the tongs.

And much to everyone’s surprise Matt also pitched in and turned out to be a very good sous chef!

Thanks to all out BBQ-ers for providing much need food for all our drinkers!!

All in all an excellent night was had….both by kids fuelled by Wendy’s sweet shop and adults fuelled by something a bit stronger!

A massive thank you to all of our helpers on the night:

  • Andy Haslam
  • Nicola Pennington
  • Vicky Owen
  • Mike Hartley
  • Matt Newton
  • The fabulous Jacky and the amazing bar staff

And the main lady herself Wendy Hewitt for pulling the whole event together

Also a special thank you to Tom Waterworth and The Good Citizens for providing such brilliant entertainment.

Unrecognisable as there's no lycra or sweat in sight - some of the Puma Ladies
Unrecognisable as there’s no lycra or sweat in sight – some of the Puma Ladies
The band getting people up on the dance floor
The band getting people up on the dance floor
It's not a party unless shots are involved!
It’s not a party unless shots are involved!
Pumas at the bar
Pumas at the bar
Looking a bit merry after a couple of drinks
Looking a bit merry after a couple of drinks