Sunday 7 May 2017 saw 7 Pumas take on the Lions Bluebell course…Peter gives us the lowdown on what was actually just an uphill race. for 10 miles. up hills. 


Ally Canning, Luke Cranfield, Helen Jackson, Tiffany Lewis, Liz McDonnell, Richard Ogden and Peter Reason (AKA The Magnificent 7).

Sunday 7th May saw 7 of the Pumas take on the Stainland Lions organised Bluebell 10, incorporating the infamous climb up Trooper lane and River Crossing.


All smiles before the hills

With registration out of the way & numbers pinned to tops, the magnificent 7 made their way across to Clay House for a 10am start.

Ally was first into the starting area took her position surprisingly near the front, so the rest of us joined her there, the Magnificent 7 now in the starting pen ready for the off. A few moments later we were all off on our 10 mile tour around the picturesque outskirts of Halifax. Richard was off at a good pace followed by Luke, myself, Liz and the rest of the Pumas a little behind.

The route

The route took us from Clay House on to Stainland road and then left on to a loop through the woods at which point Luke slowed a little to play Pacemaker for Ally, allowing Liz and myself to pass, with Helen and Tiffany keeping a steady pace just behind. Once through the woods it was back on to Stainland road and then up to Salterhebble basin and onto the canal towpath.

With the sun now out and the temperature on the up, we came off the Canal towpath and started making our way up the cobbles and started climbing our way round towards Siddal. As we turned onto Siddal New road we caught our last glimpse of Richard disappearing into the distance, always destined to be first Puma home. (I believe a journey to Middle Earth to collect a pair of rings beckoned that afternoon). So a quick run for Richard it would be.

We were now approaching Trooper at a steady pace. Turning onto Swan Bank lane, with Nestle in the background you’d be expecting a handful of Smarties to be handed out, but instead we were greeted by a Marshall handing out Jelly Babies (the first of many). Up Swan Bank lane past the Cemetery on the right and on to the Trooper Lane climb and it didn’t take long for the run to turn from run to jog to walk, with our pace dropping as low as 19 minutes per mile. 0.7 Miles later we were at the top and in desperate need for water.

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Refreshment out of the way and then up to Beacon Hill we went and a little cooling breeze and stunning views across to the Pumas home.

Round to Norcliffe we went where we got our first sight of the Bluebells (Feeling Young at Heart as we glided through them) and onto Southowram, where Water & Jelly Babies were served by the Friendly Marshall’s to keep our energy levels up.

Liz…caught red handed enjoying herself

Then onto Elland with plenty of ups ,downs, single file paths, fields, dirt tracks, a lovely run through the Elland Park woods and then a long red brick road that took us all the way down to Elland where we meet with Steve B at the crossing point on Park road with a smile as he waved us across the road.

Helen enjoying the brief downhill

With the end almost upon us it was a quick run past the now Closed Barge & Barrel and down on to the canal towpath. With the foot temperature rising that river crossing was looking more and more enticing. So it was as quick as the legs would go to get to the bridge crossing the canal and a short dash to the river crossing. Onto the River bank we stepped and then down the walk way into the river Calder we went. With water knee deep we crossed the river, and how that river cooled those hot feet. Clambering up the other side to the last 100 metres with cooled feet gave you that extra zip for the last 100 metres and everyone ran home with a beaming face.

Tiff’s sprint finish after the river crossing

Within 2 hours the Pumas Magnificent 7 were all back cooled wet feet, Happy faces and ready for a pint.


Magnificent 7, missing the 7th member who had important wedding business to attend to

 The final results

Congrats to all on completing the Bluebell 10

Finish Time      Position

Richard Ogden          1.26.24                72 #FMPH

Peter Reason              1.35.54                155

Liz McDonnell           1.36.11                 158 #FFPH

Ally Canning              1.45.41                 241

Luke Canning            1.45.43                 242

Helen Jackson           1.57.010               341

Tiffany Lewis             1.58.40                 355

#ProudTobeAPuma #wetroopedthetrooper

Thanks again to Peter Reason for a fab write up of a glorious mornings racing, and also to our friends at Stainland Lions RC for hosting a lovely race with a spectacular (read horrifyingly hard, uphill nightmare) route and super friendly and encouraging marshals all the way round. Kudos Lions!

PNR (08/05/2017)