Where: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

When: Sunday 18 September 2016

Who: Junior Pumas

Distance: 2 miles

Awesome race day report by Amelie (Age 9) and Freddie (Age 7).

Before the Race

On Sunday the 18 of September we went to Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds to take part in the 2 mile under 17’s Kirkstall Abbey 7 race.

We all met before the start and had a team photo.

Junior Pumas Pre-Race
Junior Pumas Pre-Race

We were all super excited and raring to go, including our cheer-leaders Orlagh, Jaxon, Olivia and Barney the dog.

There were 11 Junior Pumas taking part in the race (Tegan,Tailla, Zachariah, Jessica, Harriet, Jude, Finley, Henry, Maia and us two).This made up a quarter of the runners, so there was a sea of yellow at the start!

For the race we had to do one small loop and two big laps through the trees. It was sweltering, we were all sweaty when we had finished. There were people aged from about 6 to 17. It was hard keeping up with some of the older ones!

There were some much bigger kids running
There were some much bigger kids running

We all absolutely flew around the course though, trying hard not to slip in the mud or trip over the tree roots.

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Poor Tegan fell near the beginning, but when she had received first aid she was there to cheer her brother, sister and team mates on. Maia also had a little fall on the last lap, but managed to get back up and finish the race.

When we had finished we got a goody bag and a funny ‘Monk’ medal.

Junior Pumas with their medals
Junior Pumas with their medals

Thankfully, Tegan was feeling better and was able to celebrate with us.

Everyone went home after a little play in the park and we waited for our mum to finish the adult race.  When mum got back she was even redder and sweatier than us, but luckily she got a cold beer in her goody bag to cool her down.

Carine taking on the adults 10k
Carine taking on the adults 10k
Carine enjoying a well deserved beer

You can check out how well we did on the following link: