As part of the West Yorkshire Sport drive to get people involved in sporting activities the Northowram Pumas Running Club hosted our very own Olympic games. Following the amazing success of this event, we’re hosting a series of six Tokyo 2020 warm up sessions to get everyone inspired to take up sport!

The sessions are open to all ages and are taking place every Saturday morning from 10.15 to 11 at Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club (until the 22 October 2016) . And what’s best of all they’re completely free of charge!

The First Session

One of the attendees to our very first session, Tegan Green-Moore, gives a run down of the mornings activities.

We arrived at 10:15am at Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club (NCSAC) ready and raring to go and take part in Tokyo 2020.

Ian, Sarah and Ally started the warm up by splitting us into 2 groups for the domes and dishes activity. We frantically turned the domes into dishes whilst the other team undid our hard work by turning them back to domes! Thirsty work and our jackets came off ready for the obstacle race.

Staying in the same teams, we had to race through hoops, down the ladder, star jumps and a sprint back to our next team member. Ian made us all giggle as he demonstrated how to hula hoop!

A quick drink and we split into 3 teams for the relay race. Batons at the ready, we were determined to win (especially the adults!) High fives all round after some fab relay races.

The sun was shining and 2 old planes were flying above whilst we were having a fantastic time.

Sharks were chosen for the next game. The fish had to stay safe whilst swimming between the 3 islands.

Skidding into a 'safe' zone for shark attack
Skidding into a ‘safe’ zone for shark attack

When the Sharks were full we finished off with a team photo, including 2 mascot dogs who wanted in on the action!

The Puma Olympians
The Puma Olympians

A big thank you to Athletic Ally, Sporty Sarah and Inspiring Ian for a marvellous morning of fun and games.